PowerDNS for WHMCS

PowerDNS for WHMCS End of life announcement

PowerDNS for WHMCS supports WHMCS v. 6.x. But products eventually reach their natural end of life for various reasons including new and better technologies becoming available, marketplace changes, or source parts and technologies are unavailable. 

Today, October 16, 2015, we announce the end of life for PowerDNS for WHMCS.

We will offer support for existing customers until further notice.  But we will not update the software anymore.

PowerDNS for WHMCS is a DNS-plugin for the widely used webhosting management system WHMCS. 

To use the module you need both a working WHMCS-installation and a running PowerDNS-cluster (at least two servers or a primairy PowerDNS-server with Bind, MyDNS or another secundairy server).

PowerDNS is one of the leading DNS-applications available.

As announced earlier: as of November 20th, 2011 the support for the free 10 domains license was cancelled. Please upgrade if you want to continue using the module.

On October 12th, 2011 we publish a major release: v. 0.074 (beta).

✔ NEW: Auto setup of zone file before registering the domain (hook)
✔ NEW: Support for the suggested 'constraint' database addon
✔ NEW Added support for non-Jquery javascript frameworks (customer module)
✔ NEW Bugfixes (both customer and admin module)

Mainstream webhostingpanels like Plesk, DirectAdmin and Cpanel do not allow management of PowerDNS. With this plug-in your customers and your sysops can create and manage the domains very easily.

PowerDNS for WHMCS is written with ease of DNS-management in mind. Since version 0.040 you can sell DNS-hosting.

On July 9th, 2011 we published a major release: v. 0.060 (beta).

✔ NEW: Reverse DNS
✔ NEW: Auto import DNS-records (existing domains)
Bugfixes (both customer and admin module)

Please note that we support the default WHMCS-installation. It is possible the module will not work properly when you tweak the source code or use templates with different javascript frameworks.
Allways try the module with the free 15 days trial version. We do not refund money.

Version 0.050 RC (Beta), released on Thursday May 26th, 2011, is packed with new features.

  • Automated configuration/ setup of addon
  • Automated creation of default template
  • Automated discovery of hosted DNS-records on PowerDNS
  • No text files, all vital info is in database
  • Easy DNS-hosting
  • Only two external files
  • WHMCS look and feel
Admin module
  • Templates (management)
  • Advanced logsystem
  • Multi-language
  • Configuration of timezone
  • Support tab for quick assistance
  • Automated setup of DNS when domain only exists in WHMCS
Customer module
  • Templates (management), even if a client has not created own templates
  • Multi-language
  • Configuration of timeformat
  • Easy to understand module
  • Automated setup of DNS when domain only is in WHMCS

Any questions? Contact our support dep at http://portal.cp-services.nl.