How to sell DNS-hosting products

General info
Starting release v. 0.040 you can sell DNS-hosting products using PowerDNS for WHMCS.

Please follow these guidelines to succesfully setup up DNS-hosting.

1.Install PowerDNS for WHMCS.
Install both customer and admin-modules. Please do not forget to copy the PowerDNS-server plugin to /modules/servers/powerdns/powerdns.php.
2. Create a new productgroup.
3. Create DNS-hosting products as usually within this group.
-- Module Name: PowerDNS
-- Server Group: None
-- Number of domains: (your value)
4. Save the new product.
5. Fill in the productgroup in the Setup-tab of the admin module.
You can find the number of the group on the Details-tab of the admin module, when you click on 'Show Product Groups'.
6. That's all