Update History

Our update policy

We try to fix bugs as soon as possible. So that our users do not have to wait weeks for a solution. We also apply requested features as soon as possible.

This means we update our source code often.


0.01 30-02-2011 Initial beta release - No details
0.011 08-04-2011 First update -Include config.php check
-Removed config screen
0.022 13-04-2011 Major update - Five bugfixes
-Added new domain tab in admin module
-Added delete domain tab in admin module

Please note: When upgrading, you have to upload (or replace) DNS.php, config.php, deldomain.php and update.php.
0.027 17-04-2011 Medium update - Fixed bug in client-module (edit link did not work)
- Added ignore dnsmanagement setting in WHMCS tbldomains or not
- Adopted extra WHMCS CSS style Please note: When upgrading, you have to replace dns.php (client-side) and both DNS.php and config.php on admin-side.
0.030 20-04-2011 Major update - Several bugfixes
- Added support-tab
- Added new config variable
-Now you can disable autolisting servers when adding new domain
- Created new file for ajaxupdates: ajax.php
Please note: When upgrading, you have to replace DNS.php and config.php on admin-side. You can delete update.php and deldomain.php.
0.031 28-04-2011 Update - Several bugfixes
- Client can also delete all dns-records for domain
- Updated lay-out
- Enhanced ajaxupdates
0.040 05-05-2011 Medium Update - User can add domains, when you buy DNS-hosting.
- Several bugfixes
0.050 26-05-2011 Major Update General
- Automated configuration/ setup of addon
- Automated creation of default template
- Automated discovery of hosted DNS-records on PowerDNS
- No text files, all vital info is in database
- Easy DNS-hosting
- Only two external files
- WHMCS look and feel

Admin module

- Templates (management)
- Advanced logsystem
- Multi-language
- Configuration of timezone
- Support tab for quick assistance
- Automated setup of DNS when domain only exists in WHMCS

Customer module
- Templates (management), even if a client has not created own templates
- Multi-language
- Configuration of timeformat
- Easy to understand module
- Automated setup of DNS when domain only is in WHMCS
0.051 31-05-2011 Minor Update

- To speed up admin interface added two setup options: show registration date and show number of lines.

0.052 02-06-2011 Minor Update

- Fixed logging bug in powerdns.php.

0.053 03-06-2011 Minor Update

- Fixed bug in saving setup info.

0.055 07-06-2011 Medium Update

- Fixed bug (#8) in adding (multiple) domain names.
- Fixed bug in listing domains (admin module).
- Fixed bug in listing domains (customer module).
- Changed config of both modules.

0.056 08-06-2011 Minor Update

- Fixed bug not updating SOA (admin module)
- Added support for IntoDNS (admin module)

0.058 14-06-2011 Medium Update

- Fixed a bug not deleting DNS-records when removing domain (admin side)
- Fixed bug in multiple display same templates (admin side)
- Fixed several minor bugs in customer module.

0.060 09-07-2011 Major Update

- Added advanced support for Reverse DNS
- Added importing DNS records for existing domains
- Fixed several minor bugs in both admin and customer module.

0.061 14-07-2011 Medium Update

- Fixed bugs on updating serial (both admin and client module)
- Added Reverse DNS on client module
- Changed label of editing domain when domain only exists in whmcs.

0.062 25-07-2011 Medium Update

-Fixed bug not correct displaying number of domains for trail license
- Added option only display Reverse DNS-Hosting on customer side (in admin module)
- Changed several minor bugs (both customer and admin modules)

0.063 30-07-2011 Minor Update

-Fixed bug not correct updating SOA when adding record (customer module)
- Removed obsolete cfg option DNS Management
- Removed obsolete cfg option Add record (both modules)
- Removed minor bugs (customer module)

0.064 31-07-2011 Minor Update

- Added search box for domains in admin interface
- Added ability to change user in edit domain
- Added redirect in dns.php when user is not logged in

0.065 08-08-2011 Minor Update

- Fixed bug not recognizing domain after recreating (admin)
- Fixed bug looking up domains for import (admin)
- Added writing domains to tbl pdns.domains (admin)

0.068 28-08-2011 Medium Update

- Added support for tbl pdns.domains (client)
- Enhanced support for tbl pdns.domains (admin)
- Added default hostmaster (all domains) (admin)
- Fixed several bugs (client/admin)

0.069 04-09-2011 Minor Update

*** Fixed errors in editing zone files (admin)
*** Fixed minor bugs (admin/ customer)

0.070 08-09-2011 Medium Update

*** Fixed bug not updating serial in pdns.domains tbl after modification zone (admin)
*** Fixed bug 'no connection' after adding record (admin)
*** Fixed bug users where able to add domains without quota (client)
*** Moved css out of dns.php

0.071 11-09-2011 Medium Update

*** Fixed bug editing templates (admin)
*** Fix bug naming templates (client)
*** Added type URL (admin/client) HOWTO
*** Fixed bug in menu (client)
*** Moved dns.css to root WHMCS (client)

0.072 19-09-2011 Minor Update

*** Fixed bug in templates when using URL-record-type (client and admin)
*** Added Spanish language file - thanks to Javier Narváez (client)
*** Added support for DNS in domain list and domain details page (client)

0.073 02-10-2011 Medium Update

*** Client can use default DNS-template  (client)
*** Added DNS-button to client summary (admin)
*** Rewrote part of source code for faster displaying domains INFO (admin)

0.074 12-10-2011 Major Update

*** Auto setup of zone file before registration of domain (hook)
*** Support for the suggested 'constraint' database addon INFO (customer,admin)
*** Added support for non-Jquery javascript frameworks (customer module)
*** Bugfixes (both customer and admin module)

0.075 16-10-2011 Minor Update

*** Zone type (Master, slave and native) can be set now (customer and admin)
*** Fixed url bug in DNS-link clientarea (customer)

*** Fixed bug in name of function (customer)


0.076 31-10-2011 Medium Update *** Fixed bug in credits DNS-hosting (customer)
*** Rewrite SQL making scripts faster and creating fewer DB-connections (customer)
*** Fixed bug with quotes (customer)
*** Fixed order drop down menu (admin)
0.077 03-11-2011 Medium Update *** Fixed compatible problem with latest WHMCS-release (admin)
*** Add function not show users to speed up domain listing
*** Fixed bug CNAMe values not being checked (admin)
0.078 05-11-2011 Minor Update *** Fixed bug in pdns.php (hook for auto create zone file)
*** Fixed bug not showing DNS-hosting credits (customer)
*** Fixed bug not showing correct templates (customer)
0.079 05-11-2011 Medium Update *** Fixed major bugs in pdns.php (hook for auto create zone file)
*** Admin can now mass change owner of zone (admin)
0.080 20-11-2011 Medium Update *** Added support for ipv6 rDNS (customer)
*** Added mass updating owner domain (admin)
*** Now only loading cfg data after changing details in setup (admin)
*** Added support for ivp6 rDNS EXPERIMENTAL (admin)
*** Added new record types (admin, customer)
*** Fixed bug in upgrade function (admin)

0.081 25-11-2011 Medium update *** Fix major bug (admin)
*** Added extra script for adding addons after customer registered (extra). INFO
0.082 22-12-2011 Major update *** Bugfix displaying personal templates (client)
*** Rewrite of code for deleting zone file lines (javascript did not work on all servers, client)
*** Rewrite css code for whmcs 5.* (client)
*** Several bugfixes (admin)
0.083 03-01-2012 Major update *** Bugfix adding line to zone file (client)
*** Added support for axfr, in the past only replication was supported (client & admin)
*** Several minor bugfixes (admin)
0.084 07-01-2012 Medium update *** Bugfix not showing result search box (admin)
*** CSS update search Client profile (admin)
*** Bugfix not adding defined hostmaster by new domains (client)
0.085 22-01-2012 Major update *** Ten bugs fixed (customer and admin)
*** Added pagination domain names tab  (admin) 
0.086 11-02-2012 Medium update *** Fixed bug in SOA update (admin)
*** Rewrote activate code (admin)
0.087 28-03-2012 Major update

*** New feature: master/ slave domains (both customer and admin modules)
Kindly sponsored by simplehosting.ch.
*** Added zone file health check (new hook check_pdns.php)
*** Autocreate new zone file with customer template (update hook pdns.php)
*** Fixed bug showing debug info (hook pdns.php)
*** Now you can insert DNS-details and licensekey together when activating module
*** Fixed security issue: it was possible to add ANY doman in template or zone file (both customer and admin modules)
*** Fix bug sometimes no check input against existing lines (customer and admin)
*** Added script for converting MyDNS database to PowerDNS MySQL-detabase
*** Added script for reordering PowerDNS-database (when you have a lively dns-buniness this script comes in handy to reorder the databse every month or so)

0.088 31-03-2012 Medium update

*** Fixed very slow loading of domainlist when you have over 1000 zones (admin)
*** Speeded up listing log file
*** Fixed several minor bugs (client/admin)

0.089 19-04-2012 Major update

*** Added support for new PowerDNS release (> 3.*)

*** Fixed security issue in dns.php (client)
*** Fixed serveral template bugs (client/admin)
*** Fixed several minor bugs (client/admin)

0.090 01-05-2012 Medium update

*** Fixed several templating bugs (both admin and customer)

*** Added first edition of manual.
*** Fixed bug in not correct displaying rDNS (customer)
*** Fixed bug not correct displaying owner of template (admin)

0.091 0?-07-2012 Major update

*** Fixed eight bugs in dns.php
*** Added Scheduled record changes (both client and admin)
*** Added support for tblhosting (both)
*** Moved majority of css into dns.css (client)
*** Removed check-pdns.php from archive

0.092 16-07-2012 Medium update

*** Added fix for bug in WHMCS 5.2.x
*** Added German translation of lang files (client), thanks to dr. Robert Poehler.

0.093 30-07-2012 Medium update

*** Extra fix for compatibility with WHMCS 5.2.x

0.094 06-08-2012 Medium update

*** Fixed minor bugs in both dns.php and powerdns.php
*** Fixed 5.1.x bug in pdns.php

0.095 04-09-2012 Medium update

*** Fixed wildcard bug (client/ admin)
*** Finally removed 5.1.x bug

0.096 23-09-2012 Medium update

*** Fixed encoding bug (admin)
*** Fixed wrong domain count (client)
*** Fixed other minor bugs (client/admin)

0.097 07-10-2012 Medium update

*** Fixed bug in search domains/ user (admin)
*** Rewrote initializing script (admin)
*** Fixed mixed content error (client)

If you have any questions, please consult our helpdesk at http://portal.cp-services.nl.